About Us

Dr. Chander Trikha

Dr. Vipul Trikha
D.H.M.S (Chd.)

Dr. Vimal Trikha
D.H.M.S (Chd.)

Dr. Pragam Trikha
B.H.M.S (Chd.)

This mission, a trusted chain of Homoeo Clinics, was started with the mission to help the society to live a healthy life. We provide high quality health care services to our patients with a personalized attention. This mission is also committed to maintain respect, honor and integrity in all aspects of professional and personal conduct. We strive to build an everlasting bond with our patients, employees, and business partner.
This mission is running three clinics successfully at Naya Gaon, Jalandhar and Chandigarh and is spearheading all these clinics along with highly skilled team of experts. Our team looks at individuals, not diseases. For example, no two colds are alike. One may come on slowly and be runny; another may come on quickly and include a dry cough. In one, the person may be irritable and want to be left alone and in another, he or she will want comfort and company. We will treat each cold with different remedies.

To add further, we consider all aspects of a patient's being - physical, emotional and mental - when seeking and prescribing a remedy and that is one of the important factors to build a long lasting relationship with our patients. Our state of the art service and dedication to our patients is what has brought us a long way today and as it is well said by Mother Teresa
Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.

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